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Submissions received on the inquiry into the Facilitation of International Assistance Notice:

No. Date Recieved Documents Witness Organisation
34. 29/10/08 [Presentation] Ms Joy Kere Permanenet Secretary,Ministry of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace, Honiara
33. 29/10/08 [Presentation] Mr Ronald Talasasa Director of Public Prosecution, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Honiara
32. 29/10/08 [Presentation] Mr James Remobatu Pemanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Honiara
31. 29/10/08 [Presentation] Mr George Hiele Pemanent Secretary, Ministry of Police,National Security and Correctional Services, Honiara
30. 28/10/08 [Presentation] Ms Hilda Kari, Ms Sarah Dyer and Ms Ela Kauhe President,Woman in leadership desk officer and General Secretary, Solomon Islands National Council of Women, Honiara
29. 28/10/08 [Submission][Presentation] Hon Manasseh Sogavare Leader of Opposition, Office of the Leader of Opposition, Honiara
28. 13/10/08 [Submission] Mr Whitlam Khalegedi Principal, Whitlam K Togamae Lawyers, Barristers ad Solicitors, Honiara
27. 07/10/08 [Submission] Mr Kandhi A. Elieisar Assistant Secretary for Asia, Pacific, Africa and Multilateral Affairs Department of Foreign Affairs FSM National Government
26. 29/09/08 [Submission] Mr Jezreel Irofanua Form 6 Tutor, Aligegeo Provincial Secondary School, Malaita Province
25. 23/9/08 [Submission] Professor Don Paterson Emeritus Professor of Law, USP Emalus Campus, Port Vila, Vanuatu
24. 22/09/08 [Submission] Mr Julian Tradeaway Secondary Curriculum Advisor, Ministry of Education
23. 22/09/08 [Submission] Mr Gabriel Taloikwai Former Solomon Islands College of High Education Director
22. 10/09/08 [Presentation] Hon Jackson Kiloe Premier, Choiseul Province
21. 10/09/08 [Presentation] Hon Patrick Vanusi Premier, Central Islands Province
20. 10/09/08 [Presentation] Hon Lonsdale Manasseh Deputy Premier, Isabel Province
19. 10/09/08 [Presentation] Hon Alex Lokopio Premier, Western Province
18. 10/09/08 [Presentation] Hon Stephen Panga Premier, Guadalcanal Province
17. 23/09/08 [Submission] Sir Albert R. Palmer., Kt CBE Chief Justice, High Court of Solomon Islands
16. 19/09/08 [Presentation] Rev. Philemon Riti Secretary General, Solomon Islands Christian Association
15. 19/09/08 [Presentation]
[FMSC Report]
[Taskforce Report]
[Forum Minis State]
Dr. Lesi Korovavala Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Representative to SI
14. 18/09/08 [Presentation] Mr. Peter Marshall Acting Police Commissioner -SIPF
13. 17/09/08 [Presentation] Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua Prime Minister
12. 15/09/08 [Presentation] Sir Nathaniel Waena Governor-General of Solomon Islands
11. 15/09/08 [Submission] Hon. Manasseh Sogavare Leader of Opposition
10. 15/09/08 [Submission] Shahar Hameiri Asia Research Centre Murdoch University Western Australia
9. 12/09/08 [Submission] Mr. Gordon Nanau PhD Researcher University of East Anglia United Kingdom
8. 9/09/08 [Submission] H.E. Deborah Panchkurst New Zealand High Commissioner
7. 8/09/08 [Submission] Mr. Joseph Foukona Lecturer Law School Vanuatu
6. 5/09/08 [Submission] Mr. Tim George RAMSI Special Coordinator
5. 5/09/08 [Submission]
[Presentation as at 19/09/08]
Ms Jean Tafoa Executive Officer Transparency Solomon Islands
4. 3/09/08 [Submission] Mr. Douglas Hou Acting Public Solicitor
3. 2/09/08 [Submission] Ms Alison Duncan Acting Australian High Commissioner
2. 27/08/08 [Submission] Hon. Rev Leslie Boseto MP for South Choiseul
1. 19/08/08 [Submission] Mr. Frank Kabui Chairman Law Reform Commission