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Human Resources Policy

Policy Focus


• Clarifying filling of permanent vacancies (14 steps).
• Developing templates to supplement the new policy.
• Training of senior staff members on the responsibilities of panelists and shortlisting group members.
• Further discussion with all staff on further information, disclosure and declarations that will be required of all new recruits, and after a grace period, of all NPO staff members.


• Training of senior staff members on new policy (they will be mentors when new recruits come).
• Further training of HR department staff on how to develop induction schedules.
• Development of induction checklists.

Performance Evaluation:

• Re-introduction of annual confidential reporting.
• Introduction and conduct of 6 monthly evaluation (internal only).
• Introduction and conduct of one-to-one evaluation (internal only).

Professional Development:

• Further discussion with Public Service and Ministry of Education on the options for training.
• Developing an annual or 6 monthly departmental development plan (for each).
• Developing a professional development plan for each NPO staff member.

Performance and Conduct Management:

• Introduction of new policy.
• Training of all staff members on new performance management methods.
• Training of all staff members on existing (but clarified) conduct management methods (discipline).
The optional policy is Hours of Work. If this is accepted to be introduced, then the activities this will require are:
• Further discussion with the Public Service on the validity and impacts of the new policy.
• Introduction of, and training in, the new policy.
• Introduction of flexible-working hour’s system after a period of notice.
• Introduction of new overtime and time-in-lieu policy.


Draft Human Resources Policy Document
Report on NSW Attachment on Human Resources

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