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Hon. Bartholomew Parapolo

Member of Parliament
Ngella, Central Islands
Eleventh Parliament

Constituency: Ngella, Central Province

Contact Address:    

Ministry of Culture and Tourism
P.O. Box G20
Solomon Islands.
Phone: +677 28603
Fax: +677 26786

Parliamentary Appointments

  • Elected to the National Parliament of Solomon Islands for Ngella Constituency on 19th November 2014

Party Affiliation

  • Kadere Party

Parliamentary Committee Appointments

  • N/A

Ministerial Appointments

  • Minister of Tourism and Culture from 16th November 2017 to date.
  • Minister of Tourism and Culture from 27th October 2015 to 6th November 2017.
  • Minister of Forestry & Research from 18th August 2015 to 27th October 2015
  • Minister of Tourism and Culture from 15th December 2015 to 18th August 2015


Occupation before entering Parliament



  • Electrician
    • Private Businessman (Electrician)
    • Year of birth: 1963 
    • Village/ Home Island: Lago Village, Small Ngella, Central Island Province