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Wednesday 4 July 2018

The National Parliament Office has conducted an induction program for Hon. Lanelle Tanangada MP, the newly elected Member of Parliament for Gizo Kolombangara who won the Bye-election on the 23rd May 2018. The induction for Hon. Lanelle Tanagada is of paramount important ahead of the meeting in July 18.

The two days induction program which started off yesterday (3rd July 2018) has been designed by the National Parliament of Solomon Islands for current and newly elected Members to understand greater public leadership, constitutional frameworks, parliamentary procedure, accountability and parliamentary oversight.

It also aims to raise awareness among participating Parliamentarians of key Parliamentary departments, services and facilities structures, functions and obligations in relation to leadership and accountability.

Speaker of the National Parliament Ajilon Nasiu congratulates and welcome Hon. Lanelle Tanagada in his brief remarks to officially open the induction program today.

“It is with great pleasure as Speaker of the National Parliament of Solomon Islands in the 10th Parliament to welcome you to this brief induction program”

”I would also like to congratulate you on being one of the two female MP’s in the current house, which is a first in our nation’s history” the Speaker assured Hon. Tanagada.

Speaker Nasiu told the newly elected MP that it is no small feat to represent her people in Parliament; therefore the induction program will help her understand and perform her role as a Member of Parliament.

“We all have important responsibilities and our nation expects us to act with commitment and integrity in fulfilling these responsibilities.” Mr. Nasiu reiterates.

The Speaker then wishes Hon. Tanagada that by the end of the two days induction program, she will increased her understanding of the system of Parliamentary democracy in Solomon Islands and what she can do to ensure Parliament operates effectively in the interests of her own community and the country as a whole.

The informational and participatory sessions and presentations on the core procedures and practical skills such as parliamentary scrutiny and practice are facilitated by Parliament staff (HOD) and local expert and former legal specialist Mr. Albert Kabui.

Hon. Lanelle Tanagada’s first session on Day 1 was with Mr. Albert Kabui on the Constitution and separation of Powers and then briefly wind-up day 1 session with Ms Jean Tema of the Procedure department on Legislature and Roles and functions of Parliament and Parliamentary Law and Practice.

The induction program will conclude today (Wednesday 4th July 2018)