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Thursday 28 November 2019

2019 His Royal Highness, Prince Charles delivered his address to the National Parliament of Solomon Islands on Monday the 25th of November.

In his address to Members of the House, he highlighted the need to give young people the skills and personal development training they need to lead productive fulfilling lives.

Seventy percent of Solomon Islands population is age 30 and under. Also, the need to tackle the increasing gender base violence on women for in order for the country to achieve full potential.

Alongside Solomon Islands Human capital is the precious natural environment and biodiversity of these Islands. In this regard, he acknowledged the unique biodiversity and natural resources that the Solomon Islands possesses and highlighted the potential for bio based goods.

He said it is his dearest wish that the Solomon Islands might become a beacon in this region and across the commonwealth as a whole, showing how priceless natural capital can be harness sustainably to guarantee the prosperity and security of future generations.

His Royal Highness leaves at 5pm today, the 25th of November 2019.