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Monday 7 May 2018

Members of the Education and Human Resource Training Committee is conducting an inquiry on the Training of Medical Practitioners for Solomon Islands in the Western Province starting Tuesday 8th to 10th May 2018 in Munda and later to Gizo for a site visit at the Gizo hospital.

The team consisted of six Committee members led by the Chairman, Hon. Alfred Ghiro. Members of the Committee are: Hon. Matthew Wale, Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua, Hon. Dickson Mua, Hon. Peter Tom and Hon. David Tome.
Others that make up the team are staff of Parliament who will be facilitating the hearings as the Secretariat. 

The hearings will take place at Helena Goldie Nursing College and Hospital where a number of witnesses from the Helena Goldie Nursing and Hospital. Helena Goldie Hospital staff and nurses, Gizo Hospital staff and Provincial Assembly will appear before the committee to give their views on the issue.

The Committee will examine the types and relevance of training, standards of certification and award of qualification for medical doctors, nurses, dentists and other health care practitioners.

They will also review in-service training plans and schemes for medical practitioners provided by the government ministries of their sponsors and examine any other matter relating to training and practice certification of medical health and care practitioners.

As part of the inquiry, they will conduct site inspections to existing medical and health facilities, thus, a site visit to Gizo hospital is part of the program.
Reports on the findings and recommendations will be presented to Parliament as soon as it is compiled.

The team will hold hearings in Munda for three days and will be travelling to Gizo later for the site visit and a courtesy call to the Western provincial Government. The team returns to Honiara on Friday 11th May.