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Within Parliament, there are officers who have special duties and work to make sure that Parliament runs smoothly. The Speaker controls and supervises the meetings of Parliament. He maintains order in the House and ensure that MPs act and speak according to the Standing Orders (Rules of Parliamentary Procedure). There is also Deputy Speaker who performs the role of the Speaker in his absence. The Speaker is elected by MPs from outside of Parliament (i.e. not an MP) while the Deputy Speaker is elected from among the MPs.

The Clerk is responsible for providing secretarial support to Parliament and its Committees. During the meetings, the Clerk sits directly in front of the Speaker and takes notes of what is being said and advising the Speaker and MPs on particular issues. There is also a Deputy Clerk who assists in this role.

The Serjeant-At-Arms is responsible for assisting the Speaker to ensure that rules of the Chamber are followed. The Serjeant is responsible for carrying the Mace, which is the symbol of the Speaker’s authority.

The following are the current departments at the National Parliament of Solomon Islands

Committee Secretariat
Finance & Accounts
Human Resources
Information Services
Sergeant At Arms