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Hon. John Patteson Oti
Hon. Steve William Abana
Hon. Rev. Leslie Boseto
Hon. Bernard Ghiro
Hon. Clement Kengava
Hon. Milner Tozaka, OBE
Hon. Patrick Vahoe Jr.
Hon. Japhet Waipora

That the Parliament under Standing Order 73 resolves to appoint a Special Select Committee to forthwith prepare appropriate rules and regulations for prescription by Parliament according to Section 69 of the Constitution and not withstanding anything contrary in the Standing Orders for the purposes of this inquiry:

(a) The Committee shall comprise only Members of Parliament appointed by the Speaker;

(b) The Committee shall submit its draft report to the Parliamentary House Committee for its examination and approval and it shall report to Parliament under the provisions of Standing Order 70(1);

(c) The Committee shall have power:

(i) to adjourn from time to time,

(ii) to adjourn from place to place ,

(iii) to send for and examine persons, papers, records and things,

(iv) to make visits of inspection,

(v) to request the attendance of and examine members of the House,

(d) The Committee shall take all evidence in public unless the Committee decides otherwise;

(e) Members may at any time be discharged from the Committee by the Speaker, and other members appointed or added;

(f) The Clerk is to fix the time and place for the first meeting of the Committee in such manner as the Clerk thinks fit;

(g) Any persons or body may make written or recorded submissions to the Committee with respect to the inquiry and the Committee has power to authorize publication, before presentation to the House, of submissions received and evidence taken, and;

(h) The Committee may authorize the tape recording of its public hearings and require an official record to be prepared by Hansard.